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Treatment of Herpes Labialis

Thug lip is a skin disease caused by infection with HSV type 1. According to the statistics, 80% of the population is infected with the virus. However, not all suffer from cold sores. The disease often recurs. How can it be treated?

Infection occurs through droplets: the kiss, sharing dishes and cutlery. HSV enters through the mucous membrane of nerve cells and nests there. His manifestation depends on the keel of factors:

·         stress ,

·         cold ,

·         flu ,

·         menstruation,

·         malnutrition ,

·         fatigue,

·         damage to the epidermis,

·         overheating,

·         chilling.

What are the symptoms of herpes infection?

·         Itching and redness.

·         Small vesicles filled with serous fluid.

·         Cracking bubbles - pain and burning.

·         The formation of scabs or a scab.

·         Drying scabs and itching.

Cold sores usually disappears and does not leave behind any trace. Sometimes it can get a little redness. It is dangerous to scraping itchy scabs. It may end up scarred or transfer the virus to other parts of the face. Especially dangerous is the cold sore virus transmission to the eye. This can lead to dangerous complications, namely herpetic meningitis. The ultimate herpes protocol by Melanie is one of the best cures available in the market today. Check out the full review of the ebook here,

How to Treat Herpes Labialis?

Herpes labialis, as innnych viral infections cannot be treated by the use of antibiotics. Symptoms of herpes simplex virus then persist up to several weeks and leave behind permanent discoloration.

To herpes on the lips quickly disappeared, you need to use appropriate ointment. They can be applied at any stage of the disease, but it is advisable to lubricate the affected site (lip, the external nasal mucosa), where we notice disturbing changes.

Remember the proper application of the ointment. Before applying you need to wash your hands thoroughly. After the application of medicine as well.

Ointment must be applied several times a day - detailed instructions on this subject can be found on the product leaflet. You should know that some ointments can be used at the same time - you can ask for it at the pharmacy.

Some ointments are white in color - it can embarrass us, because the color is visible, and some are translucent. There are also special patches that stick to the affected area - it effectively treats cold sores and well protected from dust, bacteria and contamination.

If herpes persists after 10 days of treatment, you should consult a doctor. Disposable treatment does not protect us against re- emergence of herpes.